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2024 Marketing Initiative: Great Outdoors Earned Media / PR Collaboration

Promoting world-class destinations across New York State - the best of America's great outdoors!

Program Roll-Out: Jan.-Dec. 2024

The Great Outdoors PR Co-Op initiative will highlight New York State's diverse offerings, emphasizing its natural landscapes and outdoor activities while also promoting the world-class cities, arts and cultural, and culinary experiences across the state. Campaign will be strategically designed to foster media relationships, respond to media requests and maximize exposure around the outdoors market.

Target Audiences:

  • Consumer content creators - Media, influencers, and publications
  • Located in/speaking to (U.S. & Canada) drive & feeder markets to participating destinations.
  • Interests: outdoor enthusiasts, hiking, biking, kayaking, boarding, waterways, parks and trails, and world-class attractions in nearby cities.


  • Proactive & Reactive Public Relations
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Hosted Group & Individual FAMs
  • Media Event Representation
  • Hosted Media at New York State events
  • Outdoor-Focused Media Kit/Materials

Program Buy-In (Limited to 15 Participants)

Cost Per Partner $5,334
Initiative Offset/Support $2,662
Participant Investment $2,672

This project is supported in part by the New York State Tourism Industry Association (NYSTIA) and by a Market New York grant from Empire State Development and I LOVE NY/New York State’s Division of Tourism, awarded through the Regional Economic Development Council initiative..

SIGN ME UP! I agree to participate in the Great Outdoors PR/Earned Media Marketing Initiative as detailed with a $2,672 participant investment from my organization!

INSERTION ORDER: By completing and submitting this insertion order I acknowledge my organization will be invoiced $2,672 by NYSTIA as our investment to participate in the 2024 Great Outdoors PR/Earned Media Marketing Initiative.


New York State-sourced funding (e.g. Tourism Matching Funds, other NYS Grants, etc) cannot be used for your partner match on this initiative.

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Great Outdoors Earned Media / PR Marketing Initiative Coordinators:

Colleen Onuffer
Director of Public Relations | Break the Ice Media

Sarah Martin
Vice President of Client Services | Break the Ice Media

Working primarily with second and third-tier destinations, Break the Ice Media has been helping travel, tourism, and hospitality organizations attract what they need to grow and thrive since 2009. Based in the Finger Lakes region of New York State, our agency offers strategic growth services in travel PR, digital marketing and travel trade marketing. Our work centers on the core belief that community collaboration and partnerships are essential for the growth and prosperity of every organization in the travel, tourism, and hospitality industry.