Higher Education Advisory Board Feedback - NYSTIA

NYSTIA is eager to begin working with the Higher Education Advisory Board (HEAB) to facilitate your success and student career growth both in and out of the classroom. We need your input and feedback to determine how we can best address your institution's needs as well as those of your students.

As promised, below is a brief feedback form based on your comments and observations during our June HEAB meeting. The information you provide will be valuable in determining the Advisory Board's agenda for 2022/2023.

Feel free to consult with members of your faculty, but only one person should submit the form for each institution. If we have missed a key issue, please share it in one of the open-response boxes below.

I urge you to complete the form before Friday, July 22, 2022. We will consolidate and share the submissions with the Higher Education Advisory Board by Friday, July 26, 2022 and discuss the findings when we reconvene as a group on Friday, August 12, 2022.

Thank you for your valuable time and insights!

Rachele Markle
Communications Strategist

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YOUR PARTICIPATION ON THE COMMITTEE: Which of the following do you feel would merit your participation in 2022/2023?