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Administrative Assistant, Alon Tourism Solutions



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Company Overview

  • Alon Tourism Solutions is the leading tourism marketing consultancy based in New York. Alon touts 25+ years of highly successful and fiercely creative solutions as we educate, prepare, and connect tourism destinations, suppliers, and global sales teams to fast-track profitable relationships and symbiotic success.
  • We provide on-demand sales and marketing initiatives, strategic consulting, tourism training, and targeted networking programs that pave the path to enhanced visibility, sales growth, and healthy bottom lines for tourism companies. We make sure that our team is always mindful of client needs, goals, and budgets, and work tirelessly to create appropriate, sustainable solutions.
  • Alon’s culture is fast, ambitious, and fun! We work together creatively to develop resolutions and ensuing results through problem solving, collaboration with partners, and choosing the most effective use of time and project management.

Brand Pillars:

  • Proven Experts – Effective processes for achieving successful outcomes
  • Industry Connectors – Uniting and facilitating relationships to create long-term smart partnerships
  • Problem Solvers – Experience, attention to detail and tireless work ethic drive our client’s success
  • Passionate Creators – When we put our mind to it, it can be done, let’s figure out how

Job Description/Responsibilities

Manages and handles daily tasks to ensure the business and team operates smoothly, efficiently as well as assisting with the organization and productivity of the company. Will also assist with all general research, data entries, managing team projects and miscellaneous duties as needed. The ideal candidate should have experience and knowledge about business administration, marketing, and project management basics. Knowledge and skills in graphic design and copy writing is a plus.

Job Specific Skills, Traits & Responsibilities:

  1. Excellent communication skills both spoken and written to address leads, clients and Alon team
  2. Proficiency in Microsoft 365 products (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  3. Excellent attention to detail, organizational and time management skills
  4. Initiative-taker, and willing to take on projects and improve business processes and workflows
  5. Takes initiative and proactive to ensure projects and team continue to move forward on tasks
  6. Results-oriented and driven providing unsurpassed client service excellence
  7. Ability to be flexible, work in a fast-paced environment and on multiple priority projects at one time
  8. Tech-savvy and quick to learn and master software and implement new applications for team
  9. Confidentiality to Alon’s intellectual property as well as client intellectual property

Key Activities & Duties:

  1. Provide administrative support to the business owner and staff
  2. Assist with organization of team and project management
  3. Responsible for taking meeting minutes and reports for team with deliverables
  4. Create and format documents electronically including letters, emails, marketing materials, status reports, spreadsheets, and other related documents
  5. Creation of reports and profiles for clients and events.
  6. Assist process & systems manager to maintain operation manual with all SOPs and standards
  7. Assist and manage database entry and maintenance of email authorization and permissions
  8. Maintain relationships with clients and past partners through emails (birthday, holiday, etc.)
  9. Request and compile testimonials from past clients and create feedback surveys
  10. Reach out to leads to confirm employee details, receive email authorization, and share pertinent details on current Alon clients/programs
  11. Research tasks for general day to day needs, office operations, marketing & data analytics, client/competitor research, etc.
  12. Other ad-hoc and miscellaneous duties as needed within their abilities


  • Associates Degree
  • Minimum two years’ experience in an administrative role with fast paced and multitasking environment or similar description with transferrable skills
  • Experience in utilizing project/team management applications
  • Experience and knowledge in tourism and hospitality is a plus**

Contact Information

To apply for this position, email your cover letter and resume to