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Key Takeaways from Future Partners' May 8th Update on the State of the American Traveler

by Sarah Walters

The following provides the key takeaways from the May 8th State of the American Traveler webinar presented by Future Partners. 

The presentation covered their research findings on Travel Sentiment Overview, Looking Forward, Business & Group Meeting Travel, and Recent Overnight Travel.

The most significant findings are as follows:

  1. Travel Sentiment Overview
    1. Travelers' sense of financial well-being dropped this month
    2. Bucking a long trend, anxiety over a coming recession reversed course and increased this month
  2. Looking Forward
    1. Overall, travelers remain optimistic about their future finances and travel expectations, but the trendline has turned negative recently
    2. Expectations for future travel remained strong in April
  3. Business & Group Meeting Travel
    1. Younger travelers are slightly more likely to be working in non-traditional environments
    2. Business travelers are much more likely to be in non-traditional workspaces
    3. Overnight and day trip business travel grew last year and is holding this positive trend
  4. Recent Overnight Travel
    1. Leisure and VFR trips dominate the travel landscape
    2. International travel varies significantly by census region, household income and place of residence
      1. On their most recent overnight trip, 13.2% left the United States to spend time in a foreign country and 86.8% stayed entirely within the US
    3. Visiting friends/family, relaxation and to escape the stress of daily life were the drive for most overnight travel
    4. There is a high level of food as a travel motivator transcending most demographic categories

Thank you to Future Partners for publishing this data and making it available for us to share. View the full presentation statistics and findings. 

Sarah Walters

NYSTIA Associate