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Ontario County: Finger Lakes Visitor Connections Launches New Strategic Plan, Staffing New Positions To Pursue Goals

Nov 15, 2021

DestinationNext is the title of the Finger Lakes Visitor Connection's 2021-2025 Strategic Plan. The strategic plan was developed working with Young Strategies using a Destinations International Destination Next format. The plan was developed in the first six months of 2021 and provides strategic focus for Finger Lakes Visitors Connection (FLVC) through 2025.

FLVC Logo.pngIt is based on input from 89 community, civic and travel industry leaders who participated in the DestinationNext Planning Model. A survey was deployed January-May 2021 and a planning workshop was conducted in Ontario County with the Finger Lakes Visitors Connection Board of Directors and staff in May 2021. Berkeley Young of Young Strategies, Inc. Young led the planning process with strategies identified by the FLVC workshop included in this strategic plan.

Now, with a new strategic plan in place, the Finger Lakes Visitor Connection (FLVC) is creating a series of totally new positions 'right-fitted' to implement and execute our new initiatives. We will be expanding the organization to fulfill our role as a community shared value and pursue our vision: Our destination is valued as a dynamic place to live, work, play and be well; Ontario County's Visitors Connection (FLVC) is viewed as an intentional community leader and equity partner in economic development, social and environmental responsibility.

New positions are being created and posted right now as our organization aligns the new strategic plan with the skills and personalities needed to achieve our mission and vision: Use these links to explore these opportunities and see if there's a place for you on our talented team:

  • Director of Destination Brand Marketing- APPLICATIONS CLOSED
  • Partner and Community Engagement Manager
  • Brand Journalist and Digital Media Manager: POSITION FILLED
  • Destination Concierge - PAUSED UNTIL SPRING

Valerie Knoblauch.jpg

Valerie Knoblauch

President & CEO

Finger Lakes Visitor Connection