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2023 NYS Tourism Conference Workshop: Follow the Money: How In-Market Spend is Driving Attribution

Apr 4, 2023

Learn how to track the return on money spent on advertising your destination down to in-market spend, such as hotel bookings and travelers’ spending. In this session, Mark Preston from Adara and Tim Kellher from Workshop will share how you can understand and measure the economic impact of your entire digital media through in-market credit card expenditures captured by audiences exposed to those ads!

Why you should attend this session:

  • If you are seeking innovative and accurate ways to measure your advertising efforts’ return on investment in real dollars spent in-market
  • If you are accountable to a legislative board or other governing body regarding your marketing initiatives and are asked to measure results in a meaningful way
  • If you want to more accurately target your advertising based on hard data, like visitors’ credit card spends, and not soft metrics, like web clicks and social media engagements

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how you can accurately track destination-specific tourist spending habits and shows direct attribution of marketing spend, and the steps to get started:
    • How to select high-performing keywords
    • How to improve title tags and media descriptions
    • The importance of monthly SEO audits

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About the Presenters:

Mark Preston, Senior Sales Director:

Mark Preston is a Senior Sales Director at Adara, the world’s largest travel and entertainment data consortium which provides the industry with innovative marketing and attribution solutions. Meet Mark.

Tim Kelleher, President:

Tim Kelleher is President of Workshop, a New York State-based integrated digital marketing agency specializing in the tourism industry.