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New Member & Partner Introduction: Mark Preston at Adara, Inc.

Sep 15, 2022

Mark Preston is a Senior Sales Director of Tourism at Adara, where he manages the company's destination and constituent partnerships across the Northeast US and Caribbean. In this role, Mark leverages his nearly 20 years of experience in business development and digital marketing, skills he honed during his 13-year career stint at Tripadvisor Media Group supporting some of the largest destination marketing organizations, attractions, airlines, and OTAs (online travel agencies) throughout the US and internationally.

As the world's leading travel and entertainment data consortium, Adara leverages real-time data signals from its over 300+ data partners such as Marriott Hotels, American Airlines, United Airlines, Kayak and more to provide tourism and constituent partners a better way to market and measure attribution. This includes data sourced from travel, finance, real estate, events, and other consumer companies. "What we do with the data is enable you to activate it via media campaigns and measure it for revenue reports — all in a privacy-compliant way that enables you to operate with confidence," said Mark.

All of Adara's deliverable marketing reports come complete with a summary of hotel & flight searches/bookings generated post-exposure to your campaign, ensuring ROI goals are met. With over 1.8 billing-rich profiles within Adara's data consortium, they have the data signals at scale to both help market and measure the effectiveness of your advertising. Being a member of Destinations International and U.S. Travel, as well as a Brand USA Affinity Partner, Adara helps you market to audiences over the border (Canada) and beyond.

Over the last 10 years Mark has supported NYSTIA through regular attendance at the NYSITA Spring Conference and Annual Meeting. During this time, he has worked collaboratively with NYSTIA to craft co-operative program offerings that members could leverage. In addition to these efforts, he's also worked directly with DMOs, TPAs, ESD, NYC & Company and countless others to promote visitation to the entire State of New York both domestically and abroad.

When not traveling for work, Mark prides himself on being a “local tour operator" for his family of four. Mark lives in the Boston area and is also an avid cyclist and outdoor enthusiast.

Contact Mark with your needs or questions:

Mark Preston
Senior Sales Director, Tourism
o: 617-999-2037