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May Report: Growing visitor affinity to Upstate NY Counties – U.S. tourists visiting more than once within a year

Using mobile location data, repeat visitation to upstate NY was assessed. The percentage of U.S visitors (outside New York State) who repeatedly visited within a year to an upstate county (excl. NYC/Long Island), was calculated and averaged across these counties; this was compared across previous years.

Supporting past metrics and trends likely initiated by pandemic restrictions, domestic travelers are staying in country, but also important to note they are coming back. We saw the average monthly percentage of repeat visitors within upstate NY counties increase in 2022 compared to prior years and almost double that of 2019.

Many factors could play into this repeat visit trend including continued concerns for travel safety abroad, work form home feasibility coupled with the rise in short-term rentals, a desire to travel more and most important a positive experience!

As we strive to expand our tourist markets, let's continue to and provide reasons for US visitors to keep coming back to the best State of all!

We will be tracking this and other meaningful metrics at the aggregate level so that you can assess your local market performance vs statewide regional experience. Look to future postings to the NYSTIA website/newsletter for added insights from your partners at Rove or reach out with questions or observations you'd like to share!

Sally Donovan

Client Relations Lead