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Workforce Development: Jennifer Ackerson, President/Founder of Alon Tourism Solutions to Speak at 2023 NYS Tourism Conference

Feb 23, 2023

Jennifer Ackerson, President & Founder of Alon Tourism Solutions, will speak on the paradigm shifts in the hospitality and tourism workforce, as part of the Workforce Development panel at the 2023 NYS Tourism Conference.

While the hospitality and leisure industry has made significant headway in expanding back to pre-pandemic employment levels, our industry still has a long way to go before we are fully recovered. Jen will dive into creative ideas for hiring and how to have tourism stand out as a desirable industry to join!

  • Gain creative ideas about building jobs in the tourism industry
  • Learn how to make your company appealing to candidates
  • Explore creative hiring practices that help you stand out in the job market

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the new age of workers and what they value
  • Considerations in hiring practices
  • Positioning career paths in your job description

Jennifer Ackerson, President of Alon Tourism Solutions, is a 25+ year veteran of the travel industry with working experience in all supplier business verticals, destinations, and the travel trade. Jennifer founded Alon, a tourism marketing, training, and business development consultancy to cultivate businesses and destinations to succeed at their tourism goals. She is well-recognized in the industry and has a remarkable reputation, receiving awards from industry organizations for tourism marketing, travel professionalism, and leadership. As a national Tourism Ready presenter, Jennifer understands the struggle that our workforce is experiencing to capture new and qualified workers in our industry. Jennifer co-chairs the Workforce Development Committee under NYSTIA.

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Jennifer Ackerson
President, Founder
Alon Tourism Solutions

Alon Tourism Solutions was founded in 2000 to help travel businesses address a significant knowledge gap in the tourism industry: how to consistently and profitably work with the international travel trade/reseller market. Bringing deep knowledge of the travel market and relationship building to destinations and suppliers, Alon forges connections and educates clients on how to stage offerings for optimal ROI and adoption.

80 million international tourists come to the United States every year. Bringing together dynamic destinations, exciting attractions/events, and travel buyers in search of meaningful experiences for their clients, Alon delivers bottom-line benefits, sustained sales and lasting relationships to the global marketplace.