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Sustainability Panel: Andrew Marshall, Environmental, Health and Safety Coordinator at Novel's, to Speak at 2023 NYS Tourism Conference

Apr 17, 2023

Andrew Marshall, Environmental, Health, and Safety Coordinator at Novelis, will speak on the Sustainability Panel on the morning of Friday, April 21st at the 2023 NYS Tourism Conference.

Novelis Oswego continues to identify opportunities to partner with organizations to drive recycling, sustainability, and STEM education in our region. Closed-loop recycling and sustainable manufacturing practices help Novelis reduce its environmental footprint while driving innovation. Novelis Oswego is engaged in various projects and efforts to help the company achieve the target of net carbon neutrality by 2050!

Andrew Marshall, has almost a decade of experience working at Novelis Oswego in the area of Environmental, Health and Safety.

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Andrew Marshall
Environmental, Health, and Safety Coordinator