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'New York and the 250th' Panel: Lauren Roberts, Saratoga County Historian, to Speak at the 2023 NYS Tourism Conference

Mar 27, 2023

Lauren Roberts, Saratoga County Historian at Saratoga County, will speak on the groundwork being laid in Saratoga County in preparation for commemorating the 250th Anniversary of the American Revolution as part of the 'New York and the 250th: A Historic Opportunity' panel at the 2023 NYS Tourism Conference.

The 250th Anniversary of the American Revolution has the potential to significantly increase heritage tourism throughout New York State, especially in areas where key historic events took place. In Saratoga County, Lauren and her team are setting the groundwork for event planning, including improving the infrastructure around their historic sites and creating cutting-edge technological experiences to draw visitors from around the world.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how historic anniversaries can boost heritage tourism and have a positive impact on historic preservation in our communities,
  • How event planning focused on specific anniversaries creates opportunities for the hospitality industry to partner with the history community,
  • Learn about programs and planning already underway in Saratoga County in preparation for the 250th anniversary of the Battles of Saratoga!

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About Lauren:

Lauren Roberts earned a dual Bachelor’s Degree in Anthropology and American Studies from Skidmore College and a Master’s Degree in Public History from the University at Albany. She currently serves as the Saratoga County Historian, a position she has held since 2009. Lauren also serves as the 2nd Vice President for the Association of Public Historians of New York State (APHNYS). In 2017, she co-produced the documentary Harnessing Nature: Building the Great Sacandaga, which chronicles the history of New York’s largest reservoir. In 2019, Lauren signed on as co-host for the award-winning podcast A New York Minute in History. She currently serves as Chair of the Saratoga County 250th Anniversary Commission.

Lauren Roberts
Saratoga County Historian
Saratoga County

About the New York State Museum

The Saratoga County 250th Commission was created by the Saratoga County Board of Supervisors in 2021. The three main goals of the commission are to: promote public education about the Battles of Saratoga, increase heritage tourism in Saratoga County, and improve infrastructure around our historic sites, ensuring that our investments throughout the commemorations have a lasting impact on historic preservation in our community.