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Call for Nominations: Note from Awards Committee Chair Sarah Foster

Jan 10, 2022


- To my tourism colleagues, I am so honored to be back again this year as your Tourism Excellence Awards Committee Chair! And after another… interesting year, I'm SO excited to see what my NYS Tourism industry colleagues have been up to. As COVID continues to impact our industry in ways we didn't expect, the industry continues to work, educate, and learn together. Our resilience continues.

The Tourism Excellence Awards showcases the best work of tourism professionals. One of my biggest takeaways from last year's event was learning about what all of you were doing. It's inspiring to see how creative everyone is, and it truly helped me think of ideas, campaigns and strategies that I could apply in my own county.

This year, I'm encouraging you once again to NOMINATE! Nominate your own company, a leader, or a partner in your county. This is a chance to proudly let us know what you and your team have been up to, or as a way of letting someone know how much you appreciate their hard work. Our committee looks forward to reading your nominations so don't wait! As a previous winner, I can tell you that it is an amazing feeling to be recognized for your hard work!

Awards Committee Chair, Sarah Foster

Oneida County Tourism