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2023 Lehigh Valley Vacation Expo Recap

Feb 28, 2023

The Lehigh Valley Vacation Expo on Sunday February 26 was a great success! 

The attendance at this show was equal to last year before noon, we had a great turn out. We estimated about 1,800 brochures handed out and had so many interested visitors. We had rushes of people looking for different regions in the state, and had great dialogue for every region and about all of our brochures. We used this diverse interest to talk about the destinations and what to stop at on the way to their final destination to put more places on their radar. We are very excited to get our new booth set up as well to have better accessibility for our visitors and visibility to all of the regions. 

Learn more about our 2023 Travel Show Schedule - register to include your destination brochure at future travel shows!

Brooke Wilson

Stewardship Initiatives Coordinator 

New York State Tourism Industry Association