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Be A 2024 NYSTIA Tourism Champion!

Look What We're Planning for 2024:

Thank you to all of our 2023 Tourism Champions!

The commitment of 30+ destinations to our programming and consumer travel shows schedule had a profound impact in 2023: 
  1. Many of you were able to appreciate our new booth presentation firsthand in Oswego. We're attracting more attention and providing a better, more interactive experience for consumers.
  2. We attended more domestic and international shows than ever before, added Ottawa to our schedule and exhibiting in Canada a total of 5 times. We promised 12 travel shows and we over delivered. And we reported on each show in the weekly NYSTIA newsletter.
  3. We added member events to our schedule, bringing the Tourism Champions exhibit booth to festivals and attractions in August with plans for more in October.
  4. Our Tourism Champions digital visitors site will go live in the 4th quarter - If you haven't completed your Champions portal page on our new digital visitor site - contact Nate Gresock ( now! 
I could add more details in recapping progress in 2023, but I want to share the exciting news about what we're planning for 2024. The utilization of Market NY grant and sponsor support is planned, enabling us to take the program to a new level!
Please take a look at the agreement / sign-up form linked below. The investment is the same ($3,500) as in 2023, but will not include your 2024 membership dues. With our bulk participation rates, negotiated Co-Op discounts  and additional sources of support, this package will save you in excess of $5,000. The travel show schedule alone would cost $4,500+ a la carte. 

2024 NYSTIA Champion Destinations participant package:

  1. Participation in all NYSTIA international and domestic travel shows & events:
    1. 18 shows/events guaranteed, including the 2024 New York State Fair! +50% Increase! 12 shows were guaranteed in 2023, and the NYS State Fair was not included.
    2. Your travel guide for all shows shipped to one convenient location.
    3. Events and shows in Toronto, Ottawa, Quebec, Montreal in Canada and five states.
    4. Video feature (approx. 30 seconds, supplied by destination) used in rotation.
    5. Opportunity to participate/staff at travel shows as mutually agreed*.
  2. Visibility/Promotion in Germany:
    1. A 2024 16+ page section in America Journal magazine promoting Tourism Champions with map location and QR code/logo link. (Additional value-added advertising options at affordable rates available).
    2. America Journal section overrun to be used as promotional handout at select Visit USA events in Germany.
  3. NYS Tourism Conference (Niagara Falls, NY - April 17 to 19, 2024):
    1. Pre-paid registration for one (1) representative
    2. Recognition/thank you.
  4. Annual Meeting/Tourism Excellence Awards (Saratoga Springs, NY - September 11 - 13, 2024)
    1. Pre-paid registration for one (1) representative
    2. Recognition/thank you.
  5. 52-week Destination Feature on NYSTIA hosted microsite:
    1. Includes Tourism Champion destination description, photos, links to video, app and visitor guide downloads, links to destination website. (Content to be provided by destination)
    2. Tourism Champion destination description may be updated as desired during 2024.
    3. Portal page promoted at all NYSTIA travel shows, online and through QR code.
    4. Monthly consumer newsletter will launch January 1, 2024, featuring Tourism Champion destination events, attractions, and features.

2024 NYSTIA Tourism Champion Destinations agree to the following New York State Tourism Industry Association:

  1. Financial compensation to the New York State Tourism Industry Association in the amount of $3,500 to cover the cost of your participation, enhancing consumer marketing outreach and presentation.
    1. Invoiced upon submission with a due date of March 31, 2024 unless otherwise agreed. Contact Brooke Wilson, to request any changes.
  2. Access as mutually agreeable to your expertise for committee engagement, membership development/outreach and consultation.

* Subject to event promoter staffing guidelines/availability of exhibitor passes

2024 NYSTIA Tourism Champion Participant Details:
SIGN US UP! We agree to participate in the 2024 New York State Tourism Champions program as detailed above!
PLEASE INDICATE: Will you use NYS sourced funding (e.g. Tourism Matching Funds, NYS Grants, etc) to pay for this initiative? Please indicate YES or NO (needed for MNY grant accounting purposes) *
Please Use The Submit Button Below When Finished