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Miles Partnership: Vertical Vision: The Latest Research & Best Practices in Short-Form Video

Event Details

May 16, 2024 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Online / Virtual Event

Globally, travel enthusiasts continue to turn to short-format video content for trip inspiration, planning, and booking. Currently, vertical video has a 90% completion rate (vs. 79% completion for horizontal video), and just over 48% of TikTok travelers booked a trip after seeing something on the platform. Younger generations, in particular, are significantly influenced by short-format video content, offering DMOs and the travel industry an opportunity to build brand awareness, showcase destinations, and educate travelers and locals alike.

Join Miles Partnership for the second edition of “Vertical Vision," where we will unpack the latest data, trends, and best practices across all vertical video platforms. We’ll address the current role of social media in advertising, the balancing act between organic content vs. paid, how to captivate (and reach) your audience, and much more.

Register today and prepare to be inspired into action. Plus, stay tuned for the unveiling of some special guest speakers.