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Key Takeaways from Future Partners: November 8 Update on the State of the American Traveler

The following provides the key takeaways from the November 8th State of the American Traveler webinar presented by Future Partners.

The presentation covered their research findings on Travel Sentiment, 2024 Total Eclipse, Marketing Travel & AI, Shopping & Travel. 

The most significant findings are as follows: 

  1. Travel Sentiment 
    1. Traveler financial sentiment has notably improved recently. The proportion of travelers saying they are better off financially now than they were last year hit a post-pandemic record. 
    2. Millennial-age travelers are a driving force behind the renewed positivity around travel spending. Affluent households and residents of the Western US also lead in feeling positively about travel spending right now. 
    3. While travel continues to face headwinds from high prices and spending caution, the situation shows signs of improvement. 
    4. Travel volume continues to be robust, despite travelers concerns about high costs and recession. 
  2. 2024 Total Eclipse
    1. 1-in-3 Americans are aware of the upcoming Total Eclipse (April 2024) 
    2. Currently, 3-in-10 are likely to travel to experience the Total Eclipse 
    3. Texas & New York are currently top destinations Americans will travel to/within to experience the Total Eclipse
  3. Marketing Travel & AI
    1. Americans' vacation planning widows continue to be short
      1. Americans are currently taking just over 6 weeks on average to plan their overnight trips 
    2. Almost 16% of American travelers have used an AI tool to plan trips 
    3. AI early adopters in travel are affluent, big-spending and young
    4. The use of AI tools in trip planning is headed towards the mainstream 
    5. ChatGPT is currently the most intentionally utilized AI trip planning tool 
  4. Shopping & Travel
    1. 47.2% of travelers are passionate or have a high interest in shopping 
    2. Shopping is critical to many trip decisions 
    3. Expenditures for shopping are likely to grow this year
      1. Expectation to increase shopping expenditures are highest amongst millennials, affluents and residents of the Northeast

Thank you to Future Partners for publishing this data and making it available for us to share. View the full presentation statistics and findings. 

Brooke Wilson 

Stewardship Initiatives Coordinator