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How to Pitch TV

by Linda Kundell, President, Kundell Communications

Your destination or organization has an event coming up or you have an important development that you think is newsworthy. It could be the opening of a new attraction, hotel, important travel information for consumers, or an update affecting visitors.

Before you pitch TV news or a talk show, ask yourself whether it's really news or a commercial. How will your information benefit the viewer? If you can answer this question positively, you'll want to perfect your story angle, and develop your major point and message.

Once you're ready to pitch your story or spokesperson, here are some quick pitching tips to get you started:

  • Know the right person to pitch at the show. A show may have several producers.
  • Get to the point. Busy producers don't have time for small talk.
  • Send a link with any supporting video. This is particularly important if you are pitching a spokesperson.
  • Build a relationship. A producer or booker is more apt to return calls and emails if there is a relationship.
  • Avoid paid spokespersons. Bigger stations and programs don't particularly care for them.

In my experience I've found that producers and bookers appreciate honesty and transparency. Don't try to oversell your spokesperson or product, and always be sure that you're giving news and not a commercial.

You may wish to enlist the help of an outside public relations firm or representative who can objectively evaluate your news stories and pitch them to the right target media for your destination, attraction, or project.

- Linda Kundell, President, Kundell Communications,