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Winning Content for Travel Guides & Collateral Material - Upcoming Lunch & Learn Webinar

Feb 21, 2024

Winning Content for Travel Guides & Collateral Material

Tom Martinelli, Chief Content Officer, Content Studio New Yorkwill be presenting the workshop Winning Content for Travel Guides & Collateral Material this Wednesday, February 21st for our Lunch & Learn Webinar series. 

Developing the right mix of content for travel guides and collateral material that connects with visitors can be a difficult process. While it’s easy to simply update what you’ve done previously, you might be shortchanging your brand and what appeals to visitors.

With more than 35 years publishing experience, join Tom Martinelli to learn some practical tips for how best to “Plan to Refresh Your Content” that appeals to what visitors really want and don’t want. 

Why you should attend this session: 

  • You are interested in discovering new ideas for developing a unique Travel Guide which is different from other destinations.
  • Learn how to reset your Travel Guide content to appeal to what
    information visitors are interested in.
  • Discover a creative way to format Travel Guide advertising to appeal to your visitors.

Key Takeaways:

  • You don’t have to do the same thing year after year.
  • Plan to be innovative and stand out.
  • Your Travel Guide is an opportunity to engage industry stakeholders.
  • Invest in your content and it will increase engagement.

About the Presenter: 

Tom Martinelli

Chief Content Officer of Content Studio New York


P: (845) 462-1209