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Times Union Media Group Announces Launch of New Regional Travel Newsletter

Mar 6, 2023

Times Union Media Group Travel Newsletter: Targeted Marketing That Drives New Customers

Hearst Media and the Albany Times Union are excited to announce the launch of their new Regional Travel Newsletter! Their spring newsletter will provide informative content, news, tips, and insights on regional travel as they aim to create an informative and engaging community for their readers who enjoy travel.

"We are also pleased to offer you the opportunity to advertise in our Travel Newsletter," said Mike Peterson, Resort & Travel Media Consultant at the Times Union. "With an audience of over 200,000 subscribers, your travel destination will have the chance to showcase its attractions and events to a highly engaged and targeted audience. To ensure that our newsletter reaches your desired audience, we have implemented a double opt-in feature. This will ensure that our newsletter will be sent only to those who are genuinely interested in our content and engaged with our brand."

There are two ad positions available in our Travel Newsletter: Premier for $1500 and Run of Newsletter for $500. The first target run date for the newsletter is March 23, 2023 and the participation deadline is March 17th.

The Premier Ad is an exclusive spot that will be placed at the top of the newsletter which will ensure maximum visibility. The Run of Newsletter Ads will be placed throughout the newsletter.

If you are interested in placing an ad in their newsletter or have any questions, please contact Mike Peterson. Advertising spots are limited, and high-demand is expected. Act fast!

View a mock-up of the newsletter.

More information:

Mike Peterson
Resort & Travel Media Consultant
645 Albany Shaker Rd, Albany, NY 12211
Ph: 518-454-5643  C: 518-424-7831