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Sustainability Panel: Maria Hudson, Manager of Government Affairs at Constellation, to Speak at 2023 NYS Tourism Conference

Apr 6, 2023

Maria Hudson, Manager of Government Affairs at Constellation, will speak on the Sustainability Panel on the morning of Friday, April 21st at the 2023 NYS Tourism Conference.

In response to the climate crisis, the world is rapidly moving toward a carbon-free future. As part of the greater discussion on New York leading the way for a sustainable future, Maria will highlight how Constellation is accelerating that transition with the nation’s largest fleet of clean, zero-emissions generation facilities. Constellation's upstate nuclear fleet produces about 47% of New York’s clean electricity, and, the nation's first 1 MW demonstration scale, nuclear-powered clean hydrogen production facility is in Oswego, New York.

The race is on to confront climate change, and New York State is ready to meet the challenge! 

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn why New York’s upstate nuclear facilities are environmental and economic powerhouses that are essential to meeting the state’s climate goals.
  • Hear how Constellation’s power-generating footprints are carefully managed and certified to protect plant and animal habitats.
  • Ways in which Constellation sponsors local tourism and community beautification efforts like Harborfest and Project Bloom to give back to the communities where we live, work, and serve.

Maria Hudson, Manager, Government Affairs, has two decades of experience in nuclear communications and advocacy with Constellation’s upstate New York fleet. Maria earned her bachelor’s degree at the State University of New York at Plattsburgh and a master’s degree from Ithaca College.

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Maria Hudson
Manager, Government Affairs

About Constellation

As we continue to invest in the future of our industry, we also recognize our responsibility to invest in our communities and the workforce of tomorrow. In the year prior to our separation, Constellation provided $5.2 million to more than 1,000 nonprofits across 31 states and our employees donated an additional $5 million. In addition to their dollars, our employees donated 64,800 hours of volunteer time. We also invest more than $300 million annually in state and local taxes that benefit the communities we serve.