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Stronger Together - Hard Work, Collaboration Yielding Results

May 17, 2022


Member support and participation in the Market NY Recovery & Resurgence grant programs have been gratifying! Both the Canada PR program and the Advance Media tri-state print and the digital program ended up over-subscribed with over thirty (30) participants between them. The spring 2022 Brand USA Canada Multi-Channel program and Toronto Globe & Mail content marketing initiatives have also maxed out on participation!

In addition to thanking participants, a big thank you goes out to Advance Media NY, AJR Media Group, ALON Marketing Group, Break The Ice Media, and Miles Partnership for their efforts to make these programs a reality, and to the I LOVE NEW YORK Tourism Grants Program team for their patience, guidance, and support as we navigate the process.

More Market NY Recovery & Resurgence Grant Supported Opportunities:

Programs that are still open for participation include:

  • Travel Trade Activation
  • Destination Optimization
  • Programmatic Campaign: Canada
  • Expedia Domestic Digital Program

For details, CLICK HERE.