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Sign U.S. Travel's Industry Sign-On Letter Urging Congress to Support a More Sustainable Travel Industry

Jul 12, 2022

- Building a more sustainable future for travel is not only critical to protecting our planet, but also vital for the future growth and success of our industry. Travel businesses and organizations of all sizes—from airlines and hotels to airports and attractions—are already taking steps to reduce waste, lower emissions, protect natural environments and switch to more sustainable sourcing.

Our view: To accelerate and enable greater investment in this area, we need greater support at the federal level. In an effort to urge action on the following pro-environment, pro-growth measures, U.S. Travel and its Sustainable Travel Coalition are sending a letter to Congress advocating for the following policies:

  • A tax credit for the production and use of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF)
  • An enhanced tax credit to increase the availability of electric vehicle charging stations
  • An enhanced tax deduction to increase energy efficiency upgrades to commercial buildings
  • Federal investments to protect and restore natural attractions, including recreational waterways, shorelines and National Parks
  • Other clean energy incentives for investment in renewable energy deployment, green hydrogen, carbon capture and storage, direct air capture and other innovative technologies to lower the carbon intensity of transportation fuels and the power grid

Take action: All members of U.S. Travel are encouraged to add your organization's voiceto this letter by COB Wednesday, July 13.

Why it matters: As sustainability becomes a greater priority for both business and leisure travelers, reducing travel's carbon footprint and preserving the beauty of our natural environment is fundamental to our growth and global competitiveness.

  • With these policies in place, we can significantly increase the scale and speed of our industry's sustainability initiatives.

Go deeper: Read more about U.S. Travel's sustainability goals and efforts.

We look forward to continuing to do this work alongside incredible partners like you. Thank you for using your voice.


Tori Barnes
Executive Vice President, Public Affairs and Policy
U.S. Travel Association