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Registration for Travel Alliance Partner's (TAP) 2023 Travel Conference, TAP Dance, Opens on 11/1

Oct 24, 2022

Travel Alliance Partners (TAP), an organization of premier North American tour operators offering one-of-a-kind tour products, has announced that they will be holding their 2023 travel conference, TAP Dance, on June 11 – 13 in at the Hyatt Regency Rochester, NY. Now owned by Break the Ice Media, TAP is known for it's long history of innovation and leadership in the travel industry. With a smaller, more intimate format, TAP Dance gives destinations and attractions the opportunity to meet with all TAP Tour Operators during 25 minute meetings. Each destination and attraction is grouped with 2-3 other regional attendees into “pods". The goal is for the pod to present travel product and build meaningful relationships with the Tour Operator that will result in travel to their region.

It was important to TAP's new owners, Break the Ice Media, to bring TAP Dance to our home state in the first year of ownership. In other years, an RFP is distributed and a host city is selected, but, we are operating a bit differently this year and looking to our NYS partners to collaborate to help make TAP Dance a success and show off NYS. TAP is looking forward to positioning our beautiful region to shine bright! We are providing this opportunity for our regional partners to create stronger industry collaborations and highlight all that our area has to offer. At TAP's core is collaboration; here's how you can be part of this event:

  • Register yourself with other area destinations and attractions as a pod to raise awareness to TAP Operators for NYS destinations and attractions. (Registration opens November 1st)
  • Become a TAP Dance sponsor
  • Host a FAM (priority given to sponsors)

To listen in on a video recording of a recent TAP Dance Q&A held for NYS destinations and attractions, please click here. For more information, please contact Nicole Mahoney, CEO of Break the Ice Media/TAP or Lisa Doerner, TAP Executive Director.

Nicole Mahoney
CEO, Break the Ice Media/TAP
(585) 451-0050/cell

Lisa Doerner
Executive Director, TAP
(585) 330-9797/cell