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Rebecca Hughes Promoted to Executive Deputy Director of Canals

Nov 2, 2022

Forwarded from the Canal NY Newsletter:

This exciting news from Canals and NYPA on Rebecca's promotion to the position of Executive Deputy Director.

Today is a splendid day for the NYS Canal Corporation and New York Power Authority.

We are excited to announce that Rebecca Hughes, a critical member of our leadership team and self-proclaimed Canaller, has been promoted to Executive Deputy Director of Canals, effective immediately.

After serving NYPA's NY Energy Manager and eMobility businesses, Rebecca joined Canals in 2021 to lead a new Public Engagement team. Since, she and her team of Canals and NYPA employees traveled the Canal System dozens of times to see infrastructure with their own eyes, to listen to constituents and dignitaries and build coalitions of support for key programs, and to promote our historic Canals to New Yorkers and beyond. Rebecca's genuine connection and curiosity have formed a foundation of trust and mutual respect among Canal colleagues and stakeholders alike. Her addition to our combined leadership team is good for all of us.

In her new role as Executive Deputy Director, Rebecca will provide executive leadership under Canal Corporation Director Brian U. Stratton and will report cross-functionally to NYPA Chief Operating Officer Joe Kessler. Rebecca will continue to reinforce stakeholder relations across the Canal corridor, while building a more unified partnership between NYPA and the Canal Corporation as we work together to achieve our ambitious VISION2030 goals.

She will continue to work with our executive management team, Gov. Kathy Hochul's Executive Chamber and the Canal Recreationway Commission as she identifies emerging needs, deploys a proactive communications strategy and brings creative solutions to challenges before NYPA and Canals.

Rebecca will also continue to oversee the Public Engagement team and assume oversight of the $300 million Reimagine the Canals initiative. Her duties will include bolstering alignment between Reimagine the Canals and Canal operations, long-range strategic planning and development of an asset divestiture program.

Congratulations, Rebecca, this move is well deserved.