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Partner Feature: Vivian Mur at Aki Technologies

Oct 19, 2022

Vivian Mur is the Director Travel & Tourism for Aki Technologies. Her responsibilities include working with their products and analytics teams to ensure that their technology and measurement products cater to the nuances of tourism marketers. She works with Aki Technologies Marketing and PR teams so that their solutions are messaged meaningfully, and supports their sales team by calling on travel and tourism accounts to drive strategy, customization, and results.

Aki Technologies features unique solutions that integrate relevance and receptivity. They offer a cross-channel managed service digital platform allowing digital marketers to elevate their brand and digital marketing with advertising campaigns that match their message to the moment. Aki's first-to-Market CTV ONE solution addresses ad repetitiveness and fatigue with dynamic messaging for streaming television. It is an integral part of a personalized cross-channel moment strategy. This innovation drives engagement and results.

Aki Technologies is made up of super-intelligent, dedicated, and team-spirited individuals who galvanize their skills to collaborate with leading brands across the country. The personalization of thier moments AI allow for a better experience for the consumer. Aki Technologies' parent company Inmar intelligence, has a motto: "It's about how technology can help people."

Vivian is a newcomer to NYSTIA but has a long career devoted to tourism, from hotels and CVBs to OTA and ad technology. Networking with industry colleagues and customers has been at the heart of what she does, so she can share resources with others in a timely and meaningful way. Outside of work, Vivian volunteers and supports: Surfers for Autism, Stand Up for the Cure, and the MS Society, South Florida Chapter.

Vivian grew up in Hawaii and is now based in South Florida, so she loves the ocean! Her passions include ocean activities, from swimming and snorkeling to stand-up paddle boarding. Vivian also enjoys cycling and caring for pets, especially dogs.




Contact Vivian with your needs and questions: 

Vivian Mur
Director Travel & Tourism
M: 315-495-6296