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NYSTIA Partner Feature: Susan Green at Paperkite

Apr 5, 2022

green1.png- Susan Green is the CEO of Paperkite, a creative studio and marketing agency founded in 2009. Grown from a two-person shop to a full-service agency, Susan and her team can handle all aspects of the consumer experience, from brand development to multi-channel marketing campaigns. "We believe that happy people do the best work and our goal is to create a positive work environment!" said Susan.

"For Paperkite, tourism and travel marketing is our home," said Susan. "We have worked with many destinations, attractions and hospitality brands and this is what we are known for!" Bringing equal parts enthusiasm, creativity and pragmatism to their projects, Paperkite produces successful results for every client. The team invests in models of efficiency and data-based marketing, including live metric dashboards that clients can see 24/7. "We are intently focused on the customer experience, and really listen to our clients and work hard to provide the best possible service, because it really matters!"


Susan lives with her husband in Fly Creek, New York with their three boys: Anders, Henrik and Al. "They keep us pretty busy!" She says. When Susan is "not trying to keep up with them," she enjoys hiking, dancing/music, cooking, and watching/listening to comedy.

Paperkite has been a NYSTIA member for five years. "Ever since I joined and went to the first event, I was hooked," said Susan. "I am truly passionate about the industry and am learning as much as I can." Susan enjoyed traveling in her younger years before juggling business and a family, but loves that she gets to be a part of this industry and help others travel and experience more in the world.


"I am very proud of the work both my agency and my peers in the travel industry handled the pandemic, keeping people safe and supporting each other. Now people are joyfully traveling again, and while things are not perfect - it truly feels like the world has fallen in love with traveling again and I couldn't be more excited for what is to come!"

Contact Susan with your needs or questions:

Susan Green
O: 607-282-4223