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NYSTIA Market NY Grant Project #134852: Travel Trade Activation Program 2023

Nov 14, 2022

Market New York Project #134852:
Tourism Industry Recovery & Resurgence

Travel Trade Activation Program: Direct B2B Sales ROI

B2B Virtual Business Development Co-Op 2023
January 10, 17, 24, 31 2023

*Space Reservation now CLOSED*

ALON, in partnership with New York State Tourism Industry Association offers this opportunity as part of the Market New York Grant
Project #134852!

Are you ready to put your destination and/or tourism business in front of inbound travel buyers? This program will introduce you to the top DMC’s, international receptive operators, and domestic tour operators based in the major gateways of the United States: New York, Florida, and California! This is an opportunity for you to participate in managed virtual sales calls to develop strategic relationships to grow your business’ distribution networks, all with a New York State focus! As unprecedented staff changes have uprooted our industry, now is the time to focus on building new and strengthening existing relationships.

Cost of Program: $2,918.00
Market NY Grant - ESD Contribution: $1,978.00
Cost to You: $940.00

How Does a Virtual Business Development Co-Op Work?

  • You will be part of a group of New York suppliers presenting to 12 travel trade buyers.

  • You will attend 4 days of meetings, with 3 appointments per day.

  • During each appointment you will hear from the travel trade buyer and then present your business to personnel who facilitate bookings and product set-up.

  • You will have the opportunity to make personal connections with travel trade buyers across the country without leaving New York State!


 Why Should I Join?

  • The international market is rebounding and looking for unique product. Take this opportunity to re-establish your connections now so your destination and/or tourism business is strategically positioned in this resurgence.

  • Significant financial assistance through NYSTIA’s Market New York Grant making this opportunity accessible to all business sizes

  • ALON Marketing Group is a trusted source for developing New York product with inbound travel buyers. ALON will facilitate meetings with pre-vetted and qualified buyers, including decision makers and department heads, looking to sell New York State.

  • You will receive a personal evaluation, including suggestions and feedback for your travel trade one pager resource, a pre-briefing and business profiles of each buyer company,

  • ALON will set up, facilitate and moderate each buyer appointment

  • ALON will organize and distribute your sales material in advance to all buyer offices

  • ALON will send an initial follow-up email on your behalf and assist with follow-up strategies for your company


Is There a Requirement to Join?

  • As part of the Market New York Grant program, the requirement to participate in this opportunity is that you must have attended at least one Statewide and/or Destination Specific activation sessions or have been approved as a New York State participant via ALON Marketing Group.

Only 12 suppliers will be eligible for this program. Now is the time to jump on the opportunity to gain real ROI and connect with engaged buyers!

Alon Tourism Solutions has organized co-op sales missions and business development co-ops for NYS tourism suppliers for 20+ years. With Alon’s assist you will be supported with the essential business mechanics and key jargon to work with the country’s top international inbound travel trade! We are excited to offer this unique and cost-effective opportunity to connect you with qualified and vetted buyers to obtain ROI for NYS tourism destinations and businesses.

Complete and return the registration form below to to request your participation. Registration is not approved until payment is received via NYSTIA registration link.

This project is supported by a grant awarded to NYSTIA by New York State's Empire State Development and the I LOVE NY Division of Tourism under Governor Kathy Hochul's Regional Economic Development Council Initiative.

About Jennifer Ackerson and ALON Tourism Solutions:
A winning mindset to recover our industry and boom our international inbound tourism marketing!

Jennifer Ackerson immensely enjoys what she sets her mind to and thrives on connecting people to make magic happen in designing strategic business partnerships! You can always find Jen sharing her wealth of knowledge which she does with passion and depth. She is steadfast in her belief that there is a wise method to creating value driven partnerships that serve effectively for both partners. Since many struggle with only envisioning their own potential outcome of the 'WIN-WIN,' Jen works hard at showcasing the tactical design of partnerships and display of benefits where both teams manifest in a winning equation. If lending a hand in connecting people were an award-winning effort, JA would fashionably hold first prize!

Jen created her company (ALON) where ideas flow, implementation follows, and energy is high in fulfilling the initiatives to complete. ALON was founded in 2000 and focuses on B2B travel trade and supplier partnerships and how to maximize their effectiveness for tourism destinations and suppliers. Foundation and framework development leads to implementation and activation of goals. ALON also invents and delivers masterful B2B industry events, meet-and-greets, sales exchanges, and business development cooperatives for travel trade and supplier businesses to interact. In the end, the Win Win result is strategically positioned DMO's and suppliers that are set up for success working B2B which ensures their marketing efforts are fruitful and produce ROI.