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NYS Tourism Excellence Awards: "Support Your Colleagues & Share Your Successes!" - Note from Awards Committee Co-Chair Sarah Calero

May 8, 2023

It’s hard to believe it’s time for another round of nominations for the Tourism Excellence Awards, but we are back and looking for your help! As Co-Chair of the Awards Committee, I can’t stress how important and meaningful these awards are to our industry and state.

Each year that I’ve been involved in the judging process, I’ve been so impressed at the innovation and creativeness of the campaigns, projects, and people who are nominated. We’re fortunate to have so many talented minds working in the tourism industry in New York State.

I believe it’s so important to nominate fellow colleagues, DMOs and attractions for a couple reasons. First, it’s vital that we continue to support each other, and when we nominate someone, it’s a way to show how proud we are of each other. I think we can all admit it feels great to be recognized by people we respect! Second, these awards are a way for us to learn what others across the state are doing. I say this each year, but I truly believe these awards are so inspiring and can assist in sparking ideas for others.

As someone who’s been nominated and won Tourism Excellence Awards, I can genuinely say how meaningful it was to be recognized by our industry, especially in a state who has such high standards and so much to offer. It was also a wonderful feeling to have friends and colleagues ask me about our projects because they would like to try something similar in their city.

We live and work in the best state, and we want to be sure to show off everything that’s great about NY. These awards are the perfect way to do this, which is why I’m asking you to take just a little bit of time to nominate someone/somewhere you feel is deserving. Just simply fill out the easy-to-use form and help us highlight our many deserving companies and people in our favorite state!  

- Sarah Calero

Tourism Excellence Awards Committee Co-Chair

Oneida County Tourism