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NYS Tourism Conference Workshop: Winning Content Marketing Strategy

Feb 23, 2022

- Wednesday, April 20 Winning Content Marketing Strategy Workshop -

Best Practices of Content Marketing: Join us as we investigate the marketing efforts that are effective as digital growth continues to explode. Throughout this session, we will discuss using multiple media channels to purposefully bring value to your audience and fulfill your targeting goals.

Why you should attend this session:

  • Find out ways to attract and target your audience
  • Gain knowledge on ways to repurpose content online
  • Learn how to implement storytelling through marketing

Register ENHANCED Final.pngKey Takeaways:

  • Understand how to customize content for different marketing channels
  • Learn the importance of leveraging and optimizing your content
  • Tips on creating engaging, traffic-driving content that is trackable

Tom Martinelli, Chief Content Officer at Content Studio.
Tom has a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from American University. Tom was publisher of Hudson Valley magazine for 16 years before launching a custom publishing company that now specializes in both print + digital marketing. Now in its 18th year, Tom manages the New York By Rail program for Amtrak that includes a national award-winning print magazine, website, social media channels and weekly e-newsletter.

Melina Nguyen, Digital Marketing Specialist at Content Studio.
Melina has a Bachelor of Science degree in marketing and communications from Arizona State University. She specializes in social media, SEO, web development, content creation and data analysis.