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New Member Introduction: Steve Strauss from The Empire State Passengers Association

Dec 1, 2021

- After a 34+ year career in public transportation and city DOT work primarily managing budget and policy matters, Steve Strauss became the part-time Executive Director of The Empire State Passengers Association in 2021. He spends the majority of his time educating New York legislators on the role that states play in funding Amtrak service in their states and the investments needed to provide better Amtrak service, as well as growing membership and improving the administration of the Association.

The Empire State Passengers Association a statewide advocacy organization seeking better intercity passenger rail service in New York with parallel interests in commuter rail and local public transit. They seek reduced travel times, more reliable services and additional frequencies for Amtrak service in the state. ESPA works in Albany and Washington to educate our elected officials on the investments needed to improve Amtrak service and encourages better oversight of our financial investments in Amtrak.

Though he has not yet been active with NYSTIA community, Steve would consider working on projects or a committee that touches upon ESPA's transportation issues as they relate to NYSTIA's mission and objectives. "In many areas, there is a need to work collectively to improve last mile transportation between train stations and activity generators," notes Steve. He seeks to build alliances with the tourism industry, communities, and travelers across NY state that would benefit from better passenger train service.

Outside of the office, Steve enjoys being at the intersection of public policy and politics. He tries to follow both at the state and federal levels particularly in the areas of transportation, historic preservation and New York revitalization. He enjoys Broadway and off-Broadway theater and occasional visits to the Adirondacks or Jones Beach on Long Island. Subways and passenger rail are interests but not obsessions when traveling. He also enjoys lap swimming, but according to him, "doesn't do it enough."

Steve is also an active member of the Board of Directors of the Museum of the Southern Jewish Experience in New Orleans, LA and sits on his co-operative housing corporation Board of Directors in Queens.

"Better Amtrak service can lead to more tourism travel in New York State connecting car-free NYC residents to upstate and upstate residents to the many attractions of the Big Apple without expensive parking hassles," said Steve. "Let's spread that message."

Welcome to NYSTIA, Steve!

Contact Stave with your needs or questions:

Steve Strauss

O: (646) 334-4214 M: (646) 334-4214