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New Member Introduction: Doreen Zawacki at AAA World

Dec 19, 2022

Doreen Zawacki is the Account Representative for AAA WORLD, the media sales partnerships group for AAA Club Alliance—one of the largest membership-driven clubs in North America.

AAA is a federation of member-owned clubs serving over 61 million Members in the US and Canada. With more than 100 years of service, they provide reliable solutions for their members, making AAA one of the most loved and trusted brands. They provide unique access for your brand to a diverse and educated membership with disposable income that will travel more, stay longer and spend more—introducing and connecting their travel-centric members to various destinations of interest.

AAA has a philosophy of creating content that helps travelers have authentic experiences. This philosophy is the foundation of their content; they empower and educate their members, assisting in elevating their experiences. AAA aims to serve their members and the general public with authentic and engaging content through a multi-channel immersive experience.

The multi-channel experience includes AAA's various travel products: AAA World, their award-winning bi-monthly member magazine, is sent to their entire membership; The Extra Mile, Their award-winning online content hub, connects digital users with the content they want; and their publication AAA Travel Worldwise targets higher-income and highly educated travel enthusiasts.

Doreen enjoys traveling anywhere across the world whenever she can. She loves gardening and being outdoors in any season, from beaches (even ones in Connecticut) to enjoying the winter scenery. Doreen also enjoys being with her husband, Mark, whom she has been married to for 42 years, and seeing her daughter and family in Virginia whenever she can. She also has a rescue pup named Sonny, a lab mix, who is 3 ½ and loves the beach as much as she does—running through the sand and jumping the waves.

Contact Doreen if you have any needs or questions:

Doreen Zawacki
Account Executive
AAA World
M: (860) 227-7235