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New Member Introduction: Britty O'Connor at Hamilton Chamber of Commerce

Apr 9, 2024

Britty O'Connor is the Chamber President at the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce. In this role, Britty oversees the day-to-day operations of the chamber, set strategic goals and objectives, manage finances, and ensures the organization is meeting the needs of their members. She also spends time building relationships with key stakeholders, such as local businesses, government officials, and community members, to promote economic growth and advocate for their businesses’ needs.

The mission of the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce is to support and promote the local business community. We provide networking opportunities, business resources, and support services to help businesses grow and thrive. The Chamber endeavors to play a crucial role in the economic development of Hamilton by attracting new businesses to the area, supporting existing businesses, and fostering a positive business environment. Overall, their mission as the Chamber of Commerce is to create a strong and vibrant business community that benefits both businesses and the local economy as a whole. As a new member to NYSTIA, Britty looks forward to getting more involved!

Outside of her work with the Chamber, Britty runs three businesses in Hamilton: a bakery, a cafe, and a tavern with a mini market. She also enjoys running, hiking, spending time with her husband, toddler, and two pups, and gardening.

Britty O'Connor

President of Hamilton Chamber of Commerce


O: (315) 825-3537