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New Member Introduction: Blueview Productions

Jul 25, 2022

Blueview Productions is an experienced, award-winning video, television, and film production company that creates compelling, inspirational, and educational films about destinations in the Northeast. With a focus on regional seasonal outdoor activities, people, nature, and culture, they can tackle projects in a range of genres in any size, scope, or budget.

Their newest production, “EXPLORE NY," is a high-end, upscale, and high-definition destination television and film series that will celebrate and showcase New York's seasonal destinations including a variety of geography, scenery, and outdoor activities. The mission, in partnership with New York destination partners, will be to inspire year-round four-season travel to New York's regions and attractions. The team is excited to bring their established and successful filming formula which embraces a unique storytelling approach brought to life with cutting-edge production values and cinematic filmmaking.

Watch the Explore NY sizzle reel below:

Meet the Team at Blueview Productions: Sandra Romeo, Steve Wyman, Eugene "Cap" Allen, and Parker Kelley:

SANDRA ROMEO, Vice President of Business Development and Associate Producer.

Sandra has resided in several places in NY including Ithaca, Buffalo, Long Island, and NYC, as well as overseas in Russia, Poland, and Sweden. She boomeranged back to the Finger Lakes region to settle as she loved what it had to offer to her two children: beautiful lakes to swim in, gorges to hike in, and all four seasons to delight in. Sandra is a marketer at heart and has domestic and international experience in branding, research, and sales. Sandra has worked with hotels, destinations, cruise lines, and travel agency consortium groups as well as for larger corporations such as Amex, Pepsi, and Gillette.

“Explore NY" is a passion project for Sandra as it presents the opportunity to showcase All of NY. When Sandra's daughter was young, she insisted the Empire State building was called the “Entire State building" and simply would not concede that it was named anything else. The rationale? When she got to the top, she was going to be able to look out and see the Entire State of NY- the cities, the great lakes, the waterfalls, the mountains. That innocent statement resonated with Sandra, as she understands first-hand that NY is vast and diverse, and while it is known for having the greatest city in the world, it is also home to some of the greatest nature in the world. As someone who has lived, worked, vacationed, and explored many NY regions, Sandra looks forward to showing off NY state via film and being able to highlight all that the entire Empire State has to offer!

STEVE WYMAN, Founder, Executive Producer

Steve has a passion for content marketing, storytelling, and destination marketing. The decades of multi-faceted media experience have led Steve to work in film, video, print, distribution, digital, and web to design and implement solution-oriented marketing and growth plans. In addition to his work at Blueview Productions, he is the Executive Producer of New England Boating & Fishing and consults with Explore New England TV. He also works extensively with Yankee Publishing and Yankee's television series “Weekends with Yankee," which airs nationally on American Public Television.

While living on Long Island, Steve met his wife, Dyan, and convinced her to move back to his native New England to raise their two children. Steve is a dedicated team builder, brand builder, coach, and mentor at the core of his being; both in his professional and everyday life. He is also pleased to volunteer his time as a youth soccer director and continues to coach in his free time. Steve's favorite remote office location? A local boathouse (with his dog by his side).

EUGENE "CAP" ALLEN, Founder, Producer, and Director of TV, Television, and Film

Cap is an experienced producer and director with credentials as an accomplished director of photography for 25-plus years. His background in art and film from Alfred University and Yale continues to influence his work and give his shots a strong aesthetic value. Cap founded an ad agency in Boston and later sold the firm—it still bears his name today.

Cap was born in India, and currently resides in Massachusetts. He spends a lot of time in New York and is proud to be a "46-er," having accomplished climbing all 46 high peaks of the Adirondack mountains. In his free time, he appreciates music and plays every instrument known to man. He also enjoys flipping houses for fun and plans to sail and live in a boat someday.

PARKER KELLEY: Founder, Producer, and TV Host

Parker is an award-winning journalist with a career spanning 25 years, with work including writing, producing, and hosting for television network affiliates such as NBC, FOX, PBS, and CBS. She has dedicated herself to travel and lifestyle journalism, with her most recent television series Home, Life & Style being picked up and syndicated by Boston's number 1 Network, WCVB-TV, and other ABC affiliates.

Parker founded an independent production house focusing on the important work of non-profit organizations, particularly those involved in supporting individuals with developmental disabilities. When not busy at work, Parker is a proud Mom of sons and enjoys boating, home renovation and remodeling, art, architecture, travel, running, biking, and music.

If you would like to get in touch with the team at Blueview Productions, please contact Sandra at:

Sandra Romeo
VP Business Development/ Associate Producer

C: (631) 617-4232 O: (617) 842-1588