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New Member Introduction: Amizetta Haj from Forest Lawn Cemetery

Jun 10, 2024

As the Director of Community Engagement at Forest Lawn, Amizetta Haj focuses on the cultivation of tours and programs centered around the cemetery’s history and the legacy of its nearly 170,000 permanent residents.

As one of the first deliberately designed and professionally landscaped rural cemeteries in the United States, Forest Lawn was established in 1849, and today, there are nearly 170,000 permanent residents who rest within their care. Unmatched natural beauty, sculptural and architectural masterpieces, and rich history combine to make Forest Lawn a significant cultural heritage site for Western New York and beyond.

Amizetta is a avid reader, history buff, and lover of coffee and chocolate. Her favorite pastime is exploring nature and history with her husband and daughter.

Amizetta Haj

Director of Community Engagement


O: 716-885-1600