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Key Takeaways from Future Partners: December 13th Update on the State of the American Traveler

Dec 18, 2023

The following provides the key takeaways from the December 13th State of the American Traveler webinar presented by Future Partners.

The presentation covered their research findings on Travel Sentiment, Looking Forward, and Travel & Saving.

The most significant findings are as follows: 

  1. Travel Sentiment 
    1. Travelers' personal financial situation are solid, and the feeling that now is a good time to spend on travel continues to improve.
    2. Economic uncertainty continues to be at significant levels, but concerns about a coming recession are subsiding.  
    3. While travel continues to face headwinds from high prices and spending caution, travel volume continues to be robust. 
  2. Looking Forward 
    1. Travelers are optimistic about their finances and continue to hold high levels of excitement for travel.
    2. High excitement to travel is driving high expectations for future travel. 
    3. Holiday season travel is shaping up nicely. 
  3. Travel & Saving 
    1. Recession fears are driving increasing spending caution.
    2. Most travelers have a balanced attitude on saving now versus spending to live in the moment. 
    3. Travel is a top discretionary spending category for about 1 in 3 American travelers. 
    4. Older generations are the most likely to prioritize domestic leisure travel. Millennials are the most likely to prioritize international leisure travel and they also far outpace others in the prioritization of luxury travel. 

Thank you to Future Partners for publishing this data and making it available for us to share. View the full presentation statistics and findings. 

Brooke Wilson 

Stewardship Initiatives Coordinator