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Key Takeaways from Future Partners' April 10th Update on the State of the American Traveler

Apr 12, 2024

The following provides the key takeaways from the April 10th State of the American Traveler webinar presented by Future Partners.

The presentation covered their research findings on Travel Sentiment, Looking Forward, and Travel & Saving. 

The most significant findings are as follows:

  1. Travel Sentiment
    1. Travelers report a small but continuing sense of improvement in financial wellbeing.
    2. The belief that now is a "good time to spend on leiusre travel" has improved in the last two months.
    3. Reassuring trend: Anxiety over a coming recession continues to decrease.
    4. Persistent Barrier: Travel hindered by continued high costs.
  2. Looking Forward
    1. Sustained enthusiasm: Travelers remain optimistic about their future finances and travel expectations
    2. Excitement for travel remains elevated
    3. Most intend to make leisure travel a spending priority in the next three months.
    4. Expectations for future travel increased slightly this month.
    5. Overnight business travel grew last year, and is holding this positive trend.
  3. Travel & Saving
    1. The family travelers are showing very strong enthusiasm for venturing out this year
    2. Family travelers expect to spend more on leisure travel
    3. Family travelers are engaged in many pursuits and hobbies.
    4. Family travelers are (in many ways) social media-oriented planners
    5. Family travelers are international travelers
    6. Summertime travel is King with the family traveling set.



Thank you to Future Partners for publishing this data and making it available for us to share. View the full presentation statistics and findings. 

Sarah Walters