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Is Your 501(c)6 Corporation Being Asked to File a CHAR500 or CHAR410 with the New York's State Financial System (SFS) ?

Mar 4, 2024

It has come to my attention that a number of NYSTIA's 501(c)6 tax exempt members applying for pre-qualification status in the new SFS platform have encountered some confusion with regard to what documents should be required to document your non-charitable status.

Here is what I have learned:

  1. You DO NOT need to submit or complete a form CHAR500 or CHAR410 as indicated in the documents section of the application process. Many of you have been asked to do so and it is not necessary to do so according to the published SFS pre-qualification guidelines. 
  2. 501(c)6 tax exempt membership organizations need only complete and upload the very simple CHAR410 Schedule E which will indicate that you are not a charity. For your convenience, here are the four parts of the form require your attention/response:
    1. Full Name of Organization
    2. Federal Employer Number (EIN)
    3. Check the Box indicating that you are completing the EPTL part of the application.
    4. Under Part 1: EPTL Exemption Request, check the box indicating 'Organization is not charitable'. 

- You are done! Upload the completed form. 

If your 501(c)6 organization is asked for a CHAR500 or CHAR410, please contact Ian Carlson - Ian was very helpful in explaining the process to me and has taken steps to resolve this issue moving forward. He is ready to assist in resolving any further issues regarding this matter. Thank you, Ian!

A special shout out to David Contreras Turley at the NYS Division of Tourism for his assist in navigating us to the appropriate contacts to get the answers on this situation! Thanks, David.

  -Best to all, Bob Provost