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Help ECNHC Promote the Canalway Challenge!

Jun 15, 2022

The response for this year's Canalway Challenge is in line with last year, with 746 challenges created to date, including 128 teams and 10 organizations.

However, this year's participants are pledging fewer miles compared with last year which will result in less visitation to the trail, sites, and regions. So far, 15 and 90 miles are the most popular pledges, whereas 360 miles topped the charts last year.

What you can do
You can help by talking up the Canalway Challenge at meetings, posting to social media, including information in your newsletter, and encouraging event participants to sign up. Make sure there are rack cards available and contact us if you need more. Now is the time to actively promote so that people can plan trips throughout the summer.

Here are two sample Social Media posts for June-- photo options attached or chose your own:

1. Find motivation to get outside and get moving with the Canalway Challenge! Pledge your miles then cycle, walk, run, paddle, or roll along 500 miles of water and trail to achieve them. Sign up today!

2. Up for a new challenge? Pick your mileage and your method and begin your adventure along New York's iconic canals. Walk, run, cycle, roll, or paddle—the Canalway Challenge is free and open to people of all abilities. Sign up today:

Instagram: @CanalwayChallenge

Let me know if you need anything. Thanks again for your involvement!

Jean Mackay
Director of Communications and Outreach
o: 518-237-7000 x 222

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