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Harlem One Stop Launches Art in Windows in West Harlem

Jul 26, 2022

Local artists and business owners create sidewalk galleries.

Harlem One Stop, a community non-profit, launched a West Harlem Development Corporation-funded art project for summer 2022 called "Art in Windows" to display artwork in empty spaces and storefronts on Amsterdam Avenue and Broadway.

"This summer, we will turn the gallery inside out and transform window space along Broadway and Amsterdam as we continue investing and promoting the Arts in Harlem. This initiative aims to revitalize the commercial corridors. At once the public is engaged with images while attention is paid to West Harlem's diverse eateries and services," said Yuien Chin, executive director of Harlem One Stop.

Artists inspired to live and work in Harlem have been paired with local sponsors to install their work on vinyl signage mounted on storefront windows. Curated by Adrian Kondratowicz, this year's inaugural exhibit features the work of emerging and established artists in the neighborhood, namely, Duhirwe Rushemeza, Kisha Batista, Brandon Green, Tom Sanford, Medi Matin, and Adrian Kondratowicz. "I truly appreciate being part of this very innovative neighborhood project. I love being a Harlem-based artist able to feel connected to our community through artwork in this very immediate and gratifying exchange. I love that the viewer, or simply the passerby catching a glimpse of our work as they go about their daily activities, could be inspired to visit a museum or art gallery." said artist Duhirwe Rushemeza. "And, it is particularly meaningful to me that a young person could experience our artwork and think about the possibilities for themselves as an artist."

"Art in Windows" displays can be found on the windows of Home Sweet Harlem, City College Center for the Arts, Burger and Shake, and Community League of the Heights.

At each of the four locations, there will be QR codes included with information about the organization, the real estate space – if vacant, and the artwork. Harlem One Stop will also use this opportunity to ask the community for input on the type of services they would like to see in the vacant space and the community. An Artists talk and walk is scheduled for August. The project will be up through August 31, 2022.

Click here for more information on the exhibition.


For Press Inquiries please contact:

Yuien Chin

Harlem One Stop

502 W 142nd Street, Ground Level




The mission of WHDC is to promote increased economic opportunities and quality of life to sustain a vibrant community in West Harlem.


The City College Center for the Arts serves as a cultural hub that builds a sense of community within the school and its surrounding neighborhood while inspiring creativity and diversity. It also provides a premier venue for local and national performers and art patrons in the tri-state area.


CLOTH'S Housing Development Department is dedicated to preserving and developing the housing stock of the Washington Heights neighborhood for low-income families. CLOTH's Housing Development Department aims to improve the quality of life for all residents of Washington Heights by leveraging the neighborhood's unique culture.

BURGERS & SHAKE, (1625 Amsterdam Ave), a new addition to the Amsterdam corridor owned by Hamilton Heights residents Sam and Susan Yang. Burger & Shake is the second business on the corridor by the Yangs, who firmly believe the stability and success of a neighborhood lie in the reinvestment in the community by its residents.

HOME SWEET HARLEM, (1528 Amsterdam Ave), a long-time neighborhood staple for southern and vegan cuisine is owned by Hamilton Heights resident Donna Lewis, an ardent supporter of the arts in Harlem.