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David Reichbach to Speak at the 2024 NYS Tourism Conference

Dec 11, 2023

David Reichbach, Vice President of Development at Future Partners, to Speak in Niagara Falls at the 2024 New York State Tourism Conference

David Reichbach, 
Vice President of Development at Future Partners, will speak at the 2024 NYS Tourism Conference on the future of the meetings industry. David will share insights from Future Partners' latest edition of their annual meeting planner study, which explores brand strength, perceptions, and performance of meeting destinations. This study provides specific feedback from meeting planners on how travel brands’ advertising and marketing tactics are perceived and explores future trends in consideration and planning behaviors.

Why you should attend this session:

  • Understand the trends driving how meetings will be considered and planned in the near future
  • Gain deeper insights into meeting planners’ perceptions, use of destination resources, and how to work with them
  • Explore resources meeting planners use in their destination research, evaluation, and selection phase

Key Takeaways:

  • Walk away with actionable takeaways and insights into how meeting planners think and feel about destinations they are considering for meetings and events
  • Discover what meeting planners need to see or hear in marketing messaging in the next year!

About David:

David is a highly regarded information privacy attorney who received his JD from the University of San Francisco. David oversees the analysis, retention, and security of data collected in Future Partners’ diverse research programs. With his BS in Engineering, Mathematics and Statistics from the University of California, Berkeley, David brings his specialization and skills to Future Partners quantitative work, particularly in segmentation analysis and economic modeling. David is a frequent speaker on tourism insights at travel industry events and enjoys exploring the complexity of dark chocolate and red wine.

David Reichbach
Vice President of Development
Future Partners

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