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Cayuga County Office of Tourism Achieves Travel Unity DEAI Certification

Apr 7, 2023

AUBURN, NY – Cayuga County Office of Tourism has become the first organization to achieve certification through Travel Unity’s Certified By Travel Unity (CBTU) program. CBTU is the travel and tourism industry’s only certification program that validates visitor-facing organizations’ efforts on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

“We are thrilled to be the first organization recognized for this accomplishment.” Karen Kuhl, Executive Director of Cayuga County Office of Tourism, said. “We believe in creating accessible and inclusive environments for our residents and visitors alike. Our office is not only committed, but also actively looking forward to continuing this work: this is the first of four levels that we are working toward achieving.”

Cayuga County Office of Tourism has been actively engaged with DEI efforts for multiple years. Claire Dunlap, Cayuga County Office of Tourism’s Director of Marketing and Sales, participated in the Certified Diversity Travel Professional (CDTP) program, creating a DEI plan for the Office of Tourism addressing Travel Unity’s three pillars: Management & Workforce, Visitorship, and Community Impact. Completing CDTP helped lay the groundwork for achieving this organizational certification.

"Travel Unity is excited to recognize the dedicated, continuous work that Tour Cayuga has put into their DEI efforts. From reframing the destination to showcase itself as the chosen home of Harriet Tubman to its thoughtful choice of diverse suppliers to regularly convening discussions around inclusion and equity, Tour Cayuga has shown themselves as being an exemplary organization and has earned the right to be the first organization to receive the designation of being Certified by Travel Unity. We look forward to seeing their evolution as they move from this first level of certification to the next in the coming months,” said Roni Weiss, Executive Director of Travel Unity.

About Cayuga County

The Cayuga County Office Convention and Visitors Bureau Inc. was established in 1995 as Cayuga County’s official tourism promotion agency. Our mission is to promote, support and increase tourism and thereby stimulate economic growth and improve the quality of life for area residents.

For questions/comments, please contact:

Claire Dunlap, Director of Marketing & Sales
Cayuga County Office of Tourism

About Travel Unity

Founded in 2016, Travel Unity is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit focused on increasing inclusion in the world of travel. Travel Unity works with organizations within the world of travel to broaden their diversity,
equity and inclusion (DEI) efforts through certifications, education, training, DEI audits and other services. Additionally, Travel Unity connects community groups and individuals with travel, cultural,
and educational experiences to promote personal and professional growth.
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For questions/comments, please contact:

Roni Weiss, Executive Director
Travel Unity