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Castle of Terror & Hallowed Harvest Coming to Schenectady

Sep 8, 2023

The Castle of Terror and Hollowed Harvest: Wicked Labyrinth

Oct.6–Halloween at Armory Studios NY


SEPT 6, 2023—Schenectady, N.Y.—Armory Studios NY and MOPCO present The Castle of Terror, an indoor, rain-or-shine Halloween fright spectacular tangled through the Armorys gruesome underground spaces, Friday, Oct. 6–Tuesday, Oct. 31. 

Darkest fears will be extracted in a mad scientists laboratory. Patrons will wander through bat-and-spider filled chambers; a meat” maze; and an abandoned hospitals gory operating room.

Along the way, alarmed guests will encounter, thanks to the evil Dr. Schenectenstein, ghastly, misbegotten occupants of the castle, forever trapped between the worlds of the living and the dead—moaning mummies, insatiable zombies and creepy, mutant abominations.

Central to this unparalleled experience are bone-chilling performances by The MOPCO Improv Theatre, assuring that every visit to The Castle of Terror is blood-curdlingly unique.

Armory Studios NY—125 Washington Ave, Schenectady—is the Capital Regions largest, dedicated sound stage and entertainment destination. Thousands have been mesmerized by the immersive beauty of Van Gogh – The Immersive Experience in Studio A; now, theyre invited downstairs for a good scare.

We expect The Castle of Terror to become a significant Capital Region Halloween tradition,” says Armory Studios NY Co-Owner Ray Legere.

Castle of Terror tickets—starting at $20 and timed at 30-minute entrance intervals—are available at

Additionally, less-hardy souls can enjoy spooky fun with Hollowed Harvest: Wicked Labyrinth at Armory Studios NY, a family-friendly Jack-O-Lantern festival with pumpkin tunnels, carving classes, jokes, songs and more.

Tickets and more information at

A percentage of proceeds from Wicked Labyrinth will go to local charities.