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Annual Meeting Workshop: How To Run Your Instagram Like An Influencer

Oct 13, 2022

Influencers are people that have gained a following on social media and can influence consumer habits. Join Kayla Lloyd, BBG&G's Account Manager and Strategist, for a 'hands-on' and 'how to' workshop on how to up your social media marketing skills, content, and outcomes. Don't just hire the influencer - start the journey today to look like one yourself!

Why you'll want to attend this workshop:

  • Understand the nuances and advantages of influencer marketing.
  • Most marketers just look to hire/pay an influencer - we'll show you how to look like one so you can effectively reach your audience.
  • Learn from real-world NYS tourism case studies.

Key Takeaways:

  • You'll learn how to post content that looks, reads, and feels like influencer content
  • Tools, technique, and technology - you'll learn how to take better Instagram pictures
  • Fundamentals: you'll learn the 'rules of the road' essential to effective influencer content

About the Presenters:

Kayla Lloyd, Account Manager & Strategist

With a decade of experience, Kayla's superpower is finding the best way to communicate any message to any audience. She spent the early years of her career helping emerging technology startups develop strategies and create thoughtful, results-driven campaigns. She learned to translate the needs of business owners and founders to her team, and she has honed this skill at BBG&G Integrated Marketing. Kayla believes that we should never stop learning or growing, and she uses this motto to help her clients achieve their goals – and even exceed them.

Silvia Marin, Social Media Specialist

Silvia Marin joined BBG&G Integrated Marketing as a social media strategist after a successful internship. Silvia helps manage our clients' social media goals. In addition to knowing her way around everything trending on Instagram, Silvia always brings fresh ideas to our client marketing campaigns. A 2018 graduate of Mount Saint Mary College in Newburgh, NY, Silvia has a degree in public relations, with a minor in media studies and journalism. Silvia is Certified in HubSpot's Social Media, Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing, and Google Advanced Analytics and is fluent in Spanish.