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24th Cycle the Erie Canalway Trail Brings 750 Cyclists Across NYS!

Jul 28, 2022

This special edition of the Canalway Trail Times is dedicated to the 24th Cycle the Erie Canal bike tour, which brought 750 cyclists across the state on the Erie Canalway Trail, beginning in Buffalo on July 10 and ending at the finish line in Albany on July 17.

Whether you're already reminiscing about life on the trail, or just want to know what the heck 750 people were doing biking across the state, this issue has got you covered. An overview of the major highlights and a photo gallery will help you feel like you're out in the saddle yourself, while adding yourself to the Cycling the Erie Canal Facebook group and signing up for info on next year's tours (note the plural!) will keep you connected and make sure you're ready for the next one!

Read about the highlights of this year's Cycle the Erie Canal Bike Tour