ROAM THE EMPIRE for National Plan For Vacation Day!

- National Plan for Vacation Day is on January 25, 2022. Help spread the word: Encourage New Yorkers to plan their 2022 vacation in their home state!

A review of statistics from a variety of sources and using a variety of methods from 2015 to 2020 consistently yielded the same outcome - employed New Yorkers fail to use almost 25% of their vacation time each year:

  • Over 40 MILLION DAYS of paid time off are left on the table by employed New Yorkers in a typical year.
  • Over 12 MILLION PTO DAYS are forfeited forever - lost benefits with an estimated value of $3.4 billion!

Why does this matter? Well, use of paid time off to travel, spend time with friends, family and loved ones has a widespread beneficial impact on ourselves, our employers, our communities, and New York State as a whole. It is a practical way to improve physical and mental health, motivation, relationships, and job performance.

What To Do About This:

National Plan Your Vacation Day is Tuesday, January 25, 2022. People who plan their vacation time in advance are far more likely to fully utilize all of their PTO benefits.

  • Use your social media platforms, communicate with elected officials, employers and labor unions in your community, send press releases to local media outlets and build awareness of this opportunity to improve lives, the workplace and positively impact communities.
  • Stress not only the importance of using paid time off, but encourage the use of that time to explore your destination and visit other destinations across the state! Remember, the benefits from the use of time off are associated with vacation and travel experiences that enrich individuals and their relationships.

With the help of U.S. Travel's #PlanForVacationDay toolkit and our own NYS-based research, we have created some social media posts for you to spread the word. Download the .zip file for graphics highlighting each tourism region as well as NYS-focused infographics and social media copy below.

NYS Plan For Vacation Day Factsheet:

Social Media Graphics:

#PFVD NYS Graphics  (14.8 MB)

Social Media Copy:

#PFVD NYS Copy  (1.7 MB)

Let your voice be heard in Albany! Participate in our newest campaign calling on legislators to share to their constituents the benefits of taking a vacation. It only takes a NY minute!

Learn more about the ROAM THE EMPIRE cause campaign and access the toolkit and promotional resources here.