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Webinar RECAP: Digital Discoveries: Lessons learned from Tenement Museum

Apr 29, 2024

NYSTIA Lunch & Learn Webinar #13 Recap:

During last week's Lunch & Learn Webinar, Kayla Lloyd from BBG&G Integrated Marketing presented her topic: BBG&G: Digital Discoveries: Lessons Learned from Tenement Museum

Some insights from the webinar:

  • BBG&G's Full Service Capabilities
    • Brand
      • Brand positioning strategy
      • Market research
      • Media research, planning, & placement 
      • Design & creative development
    • Optimize
      • Traditional advertising
      • Digital advertising
      • Social media (strategy, content, management)
      • Interactive media & video
      • Web development
      • SEO
    • Convert
      • Direct Marketing
      • Marketing automation & E-Marketing
      • Reporting & Analytics
  • Developing a Comprehensive Strategy
    • Get to know your consumers
      • Tools
        • Focus groups and surveys
        • Social media analytics
        • Monitor online reviews
        • Industry trends
        • Competitive Analysis
  • The Marketing Funnel
    • Awareness
      • Potential customers are first introduced to your brand through broad strategic marketing campaigns and consumer research
    • Consideration
      • Focus on building relationships with leads and solidifying market positioning & deliver targeted messaging
    • Evaluation
      • Prospects are interested and evaluating their options (Show them your value)
    • Conversion
      • The lead is now a customer. Positive buying experiences can lead to referrals and positive customer experiences lead to retention
  • Lessons Learned: Tenement Museum Case Study
    • Lesson 1: Strong branding and visuals matter
    • Lesson 2:Strategy, strategy, strategy 
    • Lesson 3: Develop tactics for all stages of the funnel
      • Examples:
        • Awareness: Display advertising
        • Consideration: Social media ads
        • Evaluation: Paid search/SEM
        • Conversion: Search optimized website 
    • Results:
      • Increased awareness, ticket sales and visitation
      • Ex. During one month of the digital ad campaign, SEM saw 1,129 total conversions which included over 800 ticketure ticket purchases
  • Final Lesson
    • It's not one size fits all, no one tactic is better than the other!
    • It's how they all work together to help engage your target audience and position you as the best choice.
    • 75% of consumers expect a consistent experience across every channel they choose to engage. 

We would like to give our sincere thanks to Kayla Lloyd for providing her time and valuable insights on BBG&G: Digital Discoveries: Lessons Learned from Tenement Museum. You can learn more about BBG&G Integrated Marketing by visiting their website

The recording will be posted as soon as possible and you can view the slide deck here.