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The Town of Washington Gains Four EV Chargers

Jan 3, 2024

From left: Kate Kruk, director of community engagement for Livingston Energy Group, holds one end of the ribbon at a ceremony on Thursday, Aug. 10, highlighting the new electric charging station at Washington Town Hall. Village Board Trustee Vicky Contino holds the shears, Melaine Rottkamp, president and CEO of Dutchess Tourism looks on, and Washington Town Supervisor Gary Ciferri holds the other end of the ribbon. Photo by Judith O’Hara Balfe

On August 10, four EV chargers were highlighted at Washington Town Hall. 

"In the center of Millbrook, the four public EV charge ports are a vital amenity which will attract visitors to the Village, serve employees who drive EV's here and want to top off before heading home, and benefit residents who have or want an electric car but don't have a charger at home," said Village Board Trustee Vicky Contino. 

In early 2022, Livingston Energy Group shared that new grant money was available, $59,200 worth of this grant money covered the cost of hardware, installation and service fees for the four ports. After a site visit, a 5-year contract was signed for the ports resulting in them being installed, maintained and networked at no cost to the town or village for the duration of the contract. 

After getting the permits, prepping the site and getting the inspection done, by August 5th, the charging station was in use. 

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