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Pre-Conference Session: Seth Orozco to Speak at the 2024 NYS Tourism Conference

Apr 8, 2024

Seth Orozco, Sales Director at Sojern, to Speak in Niagara Falls at the 2024 New York State Tourism Conference

Seth Orozco, Sales Director at Sojern, will speak at the 2024 NYS Tourism Conference on Navigating the 2024 Media Landscape: Collaborative Marketing Strategies for Destinations and Attractions. Sojern, in collaboration with Digital Tourism Think Tank, Brand USA, Travel Canada, and ETC recently published: State of Destination Marketing 2024: A global overview of the state of digital marketing for destinations in 2024. The study identifies where and how Destinations are spending their marketing budgets in 2024. It also identifies collaborative strategies Destinations and their Attractions partners are using to stretch every marketing dollar and make the most impact on their bottom line.

Why You should attend this session:

  • Gain a breakdown of the different digital channels marketers are using in 2024 and the importance of each
  • Learn about the digital trends and channels emerging in 2024
  • Learn how creative marketing co-ops can help drive visitation for Destinations and ticket sales for Attractions

Key Takeaways:

  • Gain an understanding of how the industry sees the importance of different digital products
  • Learn new strategies for collaborating with your local partners to design effective co-op campaigns that benefit everyone

About Seth:

Seth Orozco is a data-driven marketer with a passion for travel and connecting brands with the right audience. He graduated with honors from Missouri State University earning his MBA with a concentration in marketing and finishing in the top 10% of MBA students nationwide. He established the first non-for-profit sports marketing organization in Kansas City, Show Me Sports Marketing. Seth has over 10 years of marketing experience with various brands such as the St. Louis Cardinals, Live!, and Rosewood Hotels.

Seth brought his marketing passion to Sojern in 2019. Starting with the marketing team, he was responsible for growing the brand through events, sponsorships, and leadership speaking engagements for two continents. Since, he has transitioned to the sales organization where he consults destination and attraction clients on aligning their marketing plans with data strategies to achieve their goals.

Seth has lived in California, Arizona, and currently lives in his hometown of Kansas City. He is an avid sports fan and traveler, often combining the two hobbies. He is a licensed real estate agent and investor. Seth spends his free time with his four nephews and one niece and volunteers as a youth football coach.

Seth Orozco
Sales Director

About Sojern

Sojern is a Travel Marketing Platform that helps you find, attract, convert, and engage your customers throughout the travel buying journey.

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