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Partner Feature: Meet Elyssa Hammond at Bandwango

Mar 13, 2023

Elyssa Hammond is a Sales Representative at Bandwango, a technology company based out of Murray, Utah with more than 370 Destination Marketing Organizations (DMO), Convention & Visitor Bureaus (CVB), and other clients across the United States and Canada. Bandwango’s signature product, the Destination Experience Engine (DXE), enables clients to curate free and paid experiences into passports, trails and marketplaces designed to deliver the best tickets, tours and savings to locals and visitors alike. 

Elyssa's duties include explaining the product to potential prospects and getting those potential prospects to create trails/passports with their company. Setting up demos, phone calls, and keeping the prospects up-to-date on recent pass launches are just some of the many roles included in her every day.

The Destination Experience Engine (DXE) is an end-to-end solution that combines anywhere merchant and inventory management, redemption technology, white-labeled mobile web application delivery, customer service, managed accounting, and true economic impact data to provide a seamless solution to destination marketing organizations, associations and other industry partners.

Bandwango works with 19 State Tourism Offices and 370 DMOs throughout the United States. They have been a member of NYSTIA since 2021 but Elyssa is new to working with our organization.

Outside of work she enjoys traveling to new cities, trying new food/recipes, and getting outdoors.

Contact Elyssa with your needs and questions:

Elyssa Hammond

Sales Representative 

O: 435-406-3279