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New Member Introduction: Lauren Alperin from New York Family

Apr 22, 2024

Lauren Alperin is a Partnerships Manager, acting as an ally to help both small and large local and National businesses, show and tell their stories to qualified targeted audiences. She is adept at crafting targeted branded content and tailored marketing solutions to drive client results and success.

Lauren brings her tourism marketing background to New York Family, a vast NY-DMA reach, and a large division of, local NY and Tri-state travel and entertainment news and events. New York Family reaches more consumers like Lauren. She is the family banker, the event planner, the decision-maker for more than just herself. She is the consumer who is in charge of multiple other prospective clients and specializes in helping partners, like tourism and travel businesses, make impactful and meaningful contact with more consumers like herself.

Lauren is thrilled to be a newbie at NYSTIA and diving into the vibrant world of fellow New York businesses. She believes there's truly nothing like collaborating with fellow New Yorkers and is looking forward to connecting and exploring all the amazing opportunities together. With a rich background as a NY media maven and over 20 years of experience in travel and tourism marketing at Where magazine and, she brings a wealth of expertise to the table. Now, as a fresh member of NYSTIA, and managing local tourism marketing at New York Family, she's ready to kick-off this new journey of building something new. After all, it's the people that truly make all the difference.

Lauren is a Board Member of The Reece School, a special needs nonprofit school and Camp Reece, the same in The Adirondacks. She is active with The Business Council of New York State and a local Upper East Side adult and child wellness and activity center, 

She is just your typical NYC mom, juggling a million things at once - work, being a boy mom, and surviving the craziness of the city that never sleeps. Lauren is all about finding those little moments of Zen whenever she can sneak them in. She is addicted to coffee and should never parent without it.

One of her favorite things to do is plan mini escapes and soak up some sun at the beach. Lauren believes there's something about staring out into the ocean that just puts everything into perspective, even if she ends up pretending to read her book half the time! As she's gotten older, she's come to appreciate the simple things in life more and more. Whether it's spending time with loved ones or making memories with her son, Lauren has learned to slow down and enjoy the moment.

She is also about that #selfcare life too - Pilates, breathwork, and yoga have become her go-to's for staying grounded and centered in the midst of chaos. She believes life's too short to sweat the small stuff. Essentially, Lauren is a mom, a multitasker and a beach lover who's just trying to find balance in this world.


Lauren Alperin

Partnerships Manager


O: 917-797-2488